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Woocommerce Payment Gateway

To install the woocommerce payment gateway plugin, first copy /gateways/woo_xmrsale.php to your Wordpress site in wp-content/plugins/.

Next, in your Wordpress admin area, go to the plugins section and activate xmrSale. Then go to the Woocommerce settings and the "Payments" tab. Enable xmrSale as a payment gateway. Woocommerce Settings

Click 'Set Up'/'Manage' and fill out the required fields and point towards your xmrSale instance. You will need to copy the contents of xmrSale/xmrSale_API_key into your API key field. This is generated after running xmrSale for the first time. xmrSale Settings

Now you should be able to view xmrSale as an option in your checkout: xmrSale in Checkout

That's it! Please reach out if there are some further features you desire in this plugin.